gormanschweyer is a NYC-based architecture firm dedicated to creating beautiful and highly functional design in response to each client's individual needs.

We are emphatic that good design is transformative and that spending time in carefully planned, well thought-out, evocative places improves our day to day experience.

We value simplicity and economy of scale/means.

We acknowledge both the integrity and timeless beauty of traditional building materials/methods, as well as the need for innovation.

We are detail oriented.

We enjoy problem solving.

We are mindful of our place in a world that has limited natural resources.

We admire good craftsmanship and aspire to produce built work that follows the best trade practices.

We strive to make interventions that are distinctly modern but respectful of context.

We enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do and we believe that, from conception through construction, the best projects are the result of collaboration and teamwork.



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